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How to Prepare a Week of Healthy Meals in Just an Hour

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Meal preparation is in my opinion the most significant factor in preventing people from following a healthy diet. When it’s time to eat, most people are either too hungry or too tired to invest time and effort into preparing a truly healthy and nutritious meal. With a little planning, however, this is an excuse that you should never be justified in using again.

The healthiest meals are those based on whole foods, but for many people, the time it takes to prepare this type of meal is both a problem and an inconvenience. Fortunately, even for the busiest people, meal preparation can be streamlined to the point of it being a minimal time commitment.

Think of how easy it is to pack dinner leftovers for the next day’s lunch. When lunchtime arrives, there’s no thought or effort involved. You simply grab the meal you packed, heat it up if appropriate, and eat. It couldn’t be any easier. The key to simplifying the preparation of healthy meals is very similar in concept. In short, you intentionally prepare a bunch meals in advance. The following are 3 simple steps for doing so.


A Closer Look at My Personal Eating Habits

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Steak DinnerBased on some of the questions I get about my diet, I thought it might be helpful to write about my personal eating habits in detail. Since I often say that a healthy diet doesn’t have to be overly elaborate or time consuming, I think it’s only right that I explain from experience how it can be done.

Although my interest in preparing elaborate meals is growing, I generally don’t like to cook, especially not on a regular basis. However, I’m dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to support my health and wellbeing with excellent nutrition. Based on these factors, nutritional quality and efficiency are the focal points of my diet. Although my meals would never be mistaken for the work of a gourmet chef, I’m able to follow a very healthy and satisfying diet without having to dedicate a lot of time to it. By reading about my eating habits, hopefully you’ll realize that healthy eating doesn’t have to be as difficult or complicated as you may think.


12 Reasons Why Saturated Fat is Good for You

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Bacon - Saturated FatFor more than half a century, saturated fat has been regarded as a deadly nutrient that clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. However, when you consider the fact that we’ve been eating saturated fat for millions of years, it just doesn’t make sense that it could be so unhealthy.

Modern science often neglects the importance of nature and this is one of the more prominent examples. Many reputable sources of information are now revealing that we’ve been misled and saturated fat does not cause heart disease. In fact, the “heart healthy” vegetable oils that we’ve been told to use instead of saturated fat pose a much more significant risk.


The Garden of Eating: Cooking Tips for a Healthy Diet

Monday, June 29th, 2009

The Garden of Eating by Rachel Albert-Matesz and Don MateszMost people have become so reliant on the convenience of packaged and processed foods that they feel lost and overwhelmed when they consider transitioning to a healthier diet. Fortunately, with a little motivation and the right information, it’s not nearly as difficult as it may seem at first.

The healthiest diet that you can follow is one that’s based on the natural whole foods we evolved on such as meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Despite this, processed forms of grain, dairy, and sugar have become the most prominent foods in the modern diet and this is the reason why so many people are overwhelmed by the thought of limiting themselves to whole foods. Although this is to be expected with the prospect of such a significant change, it’s a change that’s necessary for anyone who’s serious about improving and maximizing their health. Furthermore, there’s a much wider variety of natural whole foods to choose from than most people realize, and as such, a truly healthy diet doesn’t have to be “limiting” at all.


My Top 3 Tips For Healthy and Inspired Living

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

A very knowledgeable friend and colleague, Antonio Valladares, has asked me to write about my top 3 tips for healthy and inspired living. It will be part of a series for his Healthy Urban Kitchen website and I’m honored by the request!

Antonio is one of the most knowledgeable experts on nutrition and lifestyle in New York City and has written an excellent cookbook that’s full of extremely healthy and very tasty recipes. Not only does this cookbook prove that it’s possible to follow an excellent diet without sacrificing taste, it also provides priceless insight for living a healthy lifestyle. Here is a link to Antonio’s Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook.

Healthy and Inspired Living

In my opinion, living a healthy and inspired life means that you’re getting the most out of your time on this planet. That’s a very broad concept, and as such, my three tips are somewhat general in nature. However, they’re what I consider to be the three most important aspects of living a satisfying life, and each tip serves as a foundation for the next.