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Pregnancy, Mood Swings and Hormones

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Ask VinCan you please explain why women are hormonal when they are pregnant and do you recommend any particular type of foods that may help alleviate the symptoms?

By “hormonal”, I’ll assume that you’re referring to the severe mood swings that many women experience during pregnancy.

Mood swings are also a common symptom of PMS, and in both cases, hormone imbalance is a likely cause. Unfortunately, hormone imbalance is quite common and is often a result of the unhealthy habits that our modern lifestyles promote. While there are many health factors that can cause moodiness, female hormone imbalance will be the focus of this discussion.


Is Your Doctor a Salesman?

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Although we’ve been conditioned to trust doctors with our health, many people are beginning to realize that prevention is the key to good health and that their doctors are letting them down.

Many of the health books I’ve read were written by medical doctors with a fully qualified MD degree that chose to practice alternative and natural medicine. One opinion they all tend to have in common is that modern health care is seriously flawed and that the problem originates within medical schools.

Medical School or Drug School?

Many doctors openly admit that while in medical school, they received virtually no education on nutrition or lifestyle and very little on vitamins. Nutrition and lifestyle are two of the most significant aspects of good health and are frequently associated with many of today’s most prominent and deadly diseases. Why is it that medical schools don’t recognize this? Perhaps they do but choose to ignore it.


The Truth About Scientific Research

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

A claim that’s supported by scientific research has a certain seriousness to it that makes it feel verified and trustworthy. But is it?

The Pursuit of Truth

Many of the scientific discoveries and inventions that have occurred up until now are absolutely amazing. Using our advanced knowledge to uncover unknown truths is a marvelous thing. Finding truth is the core of what research is and is what drives scientists to dedicate themselves to it. But that doesn’t mean every piece of published research is worthy of this distinction.

To avoid having any influence on the results of a research study, researchers must have a strictly unbiased outlook on the results. Although this can be hard to accomplish, bias can inadvertently lead to changes in the design and protocol of a study that ultimately alter it’s outcome. A biased study leads to a biased truth which isn’t really the truth at all.

A Conflict of Interest

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, corporations are looking for any advantage they can get to sell their products. For a company selling a product in the health and fitness field, one of the most valuable advantages they can get is to back their product’s claim with scientific research. But keep in mind that a scientific study can be very expensive and cost millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this all leads to a situation where potential for profit drives the need for research rather than the need for honest answers.