Metabolic Typing: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

January 28th, 2009

Nearly all diet programs suffer from the same problem. They assume everyone can do well on the same program and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Popular diets like Atkins, South Beach and The Zone all have this downfall in common. For each person that does well on one of these diets, there’s another that does horribly.

The Intelligence of Evolution

Before advances in technology made it easy to travel the world, native cultures were dependent on the food sources that were immediately available to them. If you lived in the Arctic region, this meant a diet of nearly all protein and fat from marine mammals. Conversely, fruit and vegetables would be most abundant for natives of the Tropics. Over millions of years, these people evolved to thrive on the foods that were most accessible.

Consider an Eskimo that comes from a long lineage of ancestors that predominately ate meat and fat from animals. What do you think would happen if this Eskimo were relocated to the Tropics and fed mostly fruit and vegetables? From a long term perspective, the results would likely be disastrous! This brings us to the basic premise of Metabolic Typing which is that we’re all unique in regard to the proportions of protein, fat, and carbohydrate that we need to support optimal function.

Don’t Believe the Diet Hype

Because of the popularity and availability of unhealthy food, and because very few people understand the need to eat according to their individual requirements, modern society is faced with an unprecedented epidemic of obesity and poor health. Although these two problems are related, most people unfortunately care more about their appearance than their health, and many of the modern fad diets take advantage of this.

Metabolic Typing will help you lose weight just as effectively, if not more so, than any of the popular fad diets. However, the big difference is that Metabolic Typing is primarily focused on promoting optimal health. While the popular fad diets may help you lose weight, they may compromise your health and leave you feeling awful. And because most of them have a narrow focus, they are difficult to follow long term, and once you stop, the weight you lost will come right back.

Metabolic Typing is About the Long Haul

Good nutrition is one of the most significant foundational factors of good health, longevity, and simply feeling good. Because the body’s various control systems are each stimulated by certain foods, and because we each have unique strengths and weaknesses within these systems, the primary goal of Metabolic Typing is to stimulate them in a balanced way that promotes smooth, efficient, and effective function. When your body functions in this balanced manner, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of optimal health including improved mood, reduction of excess body fat, improved energy, and most importantly, resistance to disease.

Are You Prepared for Old Age?

By taking good care of ourselves, we should all be able to live beyond the age of 100, or at least close to it, and be active, happy, pain free, and disease free right until the end. But if you eat poorly and neglect the uniqueness of your personal nutritional requirements, you’ll end up tired and diseased like many of the people around you.

Consider an elder who is miserable with poor health and openly admits they should have taken better care of themselves. Unless you want your later years to be limited by prescriptions, pain, and disease, now’s the time to do something about it, and eating right is the best thing you can do to get started.

My Personal Experience With Metabolic Typing

I used to eat a fairly typical modern diet including a lot of bread, pasta, and other carbohydrate based foods. As an athlete, I also believed it was important for me to eat a lot of carbohydrates. I only ate fast food once in a while, and in general, thought I was following a healthy diet. However, I wasn’t feeling healthy at all. I was exhausted, irritable, and had a long list of other frustrating symptoms.

By taking the Advanced Metabolic Typing test, I discovered that I’m a “Fast Oxidizer” which means I do best on a diet high in protein and fat, and low in carbohydrates. The high ratio of carbohydrates I was consuming was causing imbalance within my body and destroying my health.

Once I began eating more appropriately for my individual needs, I felt much better, and as a byproduct of eating more appropriately, I lost 30 lbs in 3 months without even trying! Although I never considered myself to be overweight, it was clearly apparent after I shed what I didn’t need. I also developed a much better understanding of how various foods affect me and firmly believe this play’s a crucial role in building good health.

Aren’t You Curious What’s Best For You?

Even if you don’t have any major complaints, can you honestly say that you’re enjoying optimal health and feeling your best? Most people don’t even know what their best is because they’ve never experienced it. By eating according to your Metabolic Type, you’ll be taking a giant step toward discovering what your best really is.

If you’d like to read more about Metabolic Typing, I highly recommend The Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey.

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