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February 27th, 2009

Be part of the revolution aimed at making our country a healthier place to live!

The Problem

With the major flaws in our medical system, the political corruption that influences them, and the corporate greed that emphasizes profit over well being, the odds of enjoying good health and preventing disease are stacked against us.

Our medical system is focused on chasing symptoms instead of preventing disease, and this is mostly a result of the pharmacuetical industry’s influence. The lobbying power that large corporations have over the government doesn’t help either. This is evident from examples like the FDA’s change of heart with stevia, their hasty approval of the disastrous drug Vioxx, and the USDA’s push to mandate NAIS.

Finally, health insurance is also affected by all of this influence and often deprives us of the freedom to make our own health care choices.

A Petition for Change

Mike Adams from has started a petition to change all of this. It aims to initiate the major reform that our country needs in regard to health consciousness. Once the petition gains 100,000 signatures, it will be delivered to every member of the House and Senate, and also the office of the President.

The following initiatives represent a few of the key areas that the petition targets.

  • Rewarding people who take responsibility for their own health and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Fighting existing and future legislation that threatens or reduces access to dietary supplements, oppresses freedom of speech for health products and therapies, mandates dangerous vaccinations, or restricts your ability to seek out alternative forms of health care.
  • Protecting the food supply from genetically modified foods, dangerous additives such as MSG and aspartame, outlawed pesticides, and investigating the questionable practices of factory farming.
  • Restoring integrity in medical research by requiring that it be openly published, that any ties to profit seeking businesses are fully disclosed, and that any attempts to intentionally hide unfavorable data are regarded as criminal activity.
  • Ending the domination of the pharmaceutical industry over health care. This includes the bonuses used to influence doctors, the funding used to influence medical schools, and the questionable advertising used to influence consumers.
  • Promoting healthier children by eliminating vending machines and processed foods from schools, and restricting the influential advertising of unhealthy products.
  • Outlawing the use of dangerous synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Investing more in disease prevention.
  • Protecting the environment and water supply from toxic chemicals.

Take Action!

Stand up for your right for better health and freedom of choice by signing the petition today!

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