Is Science Smarter Than Nature?

December 30th, 2008

The complexity and balance of nature is simply amazing and we may only be scratching the surface toward understanding how it all works. Even the complexity of a single cell is quite amazing, so it can be overwhelming when you consider that we each have trillions of them.

Many of these cells are specialized and grouped together to form glands, organs, systems, muscles, and bones that are perfectly integrated with each other and provide the incredible result we know as life. This is all the natural result of evolution. Ironically, it’s the intelligence we also gained through evolution that gives us the ability to manipulate, for better or worse, this delicate balance that nature has so cleverly created.

Are We Victims of Our Own Intelligence?

As humans, we have the consciousness to philosophize about life and reflect on emotion. As a result, we all want to live long and happy lives. While science has enabled us to manipulate the odds in our favor in some respects, it’s reduced our odds in others. After all, science is invention and discovery that results from human intelligence, and human intelligence is not immune to mistakes, greed, or corruption.

Regarding the long and happy life we all want to live, our own intelligence has led to a level of arrogance that is bringing us farther away from our goal. This is evident by the many diseases that were rare less than a century ago but are so rampant today. Science has allowed us to live far more sophisticated lives than our ancestors and the result is a lot more wear and tear. In other words, our intelligence has given us the opportunity to live a lifestyle that our bodies are not evolved to handle.

Back to Basics

Whenever something begins to function poorly, the obvious solution is to consider the point in time when it was last functioning well, identify what was different, and resolve the difference to restore proper function. Today, we have exceedingly high rates of preventable diseases that were quite rare less than a century ago. Heart disease and cancer are two of them. What has changed since these diseases became so prevalent? We stopped listening to nature, that’s what changed!

Common sense should tell us that many of the evolutionary habits that promoted our current existence should also promote optimal health. Instead of paying attention to this common sense, we’re eating poor quality synthetic foods instead of the natural nutritious foods we evolved on, we’re exposing ourselves to thousands of chemicals on a daily basis that didn’t even exist just a century ago, we’re ignoring the natural day and night cycle that we followed for millions of years, and on a daily basis, we’re subjecting ourselves to far more stress than our ancestors could even imagine. Is it any wonder that most of us aren’t functioning well?

Who’s to Blame?

Science has given us many forms of advancement, but we’ve become so detached from nature and the habits that made us what we are today that we’re losing our health and are becoming desperate for science to magically fix it. That’s not how it works! The laws of nature should be what guide us toward health and happiness, and science should be there to help along the way, not the other way around.

We need to remember that science is just an interpretation of nature. It’s not always correct and isn’t always intended to support our best interests. We have to take responsibility for our own health and aim to have a critical opinion that allows the laws of nature and common sense to help us differentiate the sound and useful science from the junk.

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