Help Reform the Misguided FDA

January 19th, 2009

The FDA is self admittedly unable to fulfill it’s purpose and lack of money isn’t the primary issue. Between the political influence of large drug and food corporations and corruption within FDA management, the FDA has basically become a corporate marketing service. And of course, this comes at a cost to our health, the very thing that the FDA is supposed to protect.

I recently wrote an article about the FDAs hypocritical stance on the natural sweetener stevia, but that just scratches the surface. Millions of people are eating unhealthy foods and taking dangerous drugs that are all recommended and approved by the FDA when there are much safer and more effective natural alternatives. However, the FDA does their best to hide these alternatives from us because they take away profit from their corporate friends.

Take Action

With momentum against the FDA mounting and a new administration taking office, now’s the time to fight for integrity. As their slogan says, the FDA is supposed to protect and promote our health. It’s time to make them live up to it.

Fortunately, there is a non profit organization that is dedicated to this specific cause. They are called and are a partner organization of The American Association for Health Freedom. You can learn more about who they are from their website.

You can also learn more about the misguided intentions of the FDA and how you’re affected by reading “What You Should Know About the FDA.”

Most importantly, make a difference by signing this petition to tell Congress that the FDA needs reform!

Learn More has been providing thorough coverage on the corruption of the FDA. Here are a few of their recent articles.

The New York Times has also been reporting on controversial issues with the FDA.

Closing Thoughts

Although the FDA is indirectly undermining the health of millions of people, it’s still no excuse for poor health. While they may be harder to find, there are plenty of excellent resources available to help you achieve and maintain excellent health. However, the responsibility is on you to educate yourself from these resources and put into practice what you learn. The first step in this direction is to understand the benefits of optimal health that you may presently be missing out on.

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