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Optimal health should be a goal for all of us and is the foundation of living life to your potential.

Optimal Health: Do You Know What You’re Missing?

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of optimal health.

7 Ways We’ve Failed Miserably at Trying to Outsmart Nature
The 7 Foundational Factors of Optimal Health
Stress: Why it’s Killing You and How to Avoid It
Healthy Living is So Easy, a Caveman Can Do It!
Evolution and Why You’re Fat, Tired and Unhappy
The Dark Side of Healthy Living
Letting Loose: The 80/20 Rule of Moderation
The Power of Less: Healthy Habits Made Simple
5 Keys to Successful Change
Why Sun Exposure Is Vital to Your Health
How to Improve Your Sleep and Fight Insomnia
A Pleasant Way to Wake Up
Breathing: A Deeply Overlooked Matter
Neti Pot: A Natural High
12 Ways to Ensure a Great Vacation

General health problems that are associated with unhealthy living.

Is Disease Sneaking up on You?
Adrenal Fatigue: Whipping a Tired Body
America Runs on Dunkin’. Do You?
The Link Between Gluten and Modern Disease
Is Dehydration Causing You Disease and Pain?
The Deadly Dangers of Tap Water
Are You Riding the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster?
Why Antacids Will Never Cure Your Heartburn
The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation
How to Minimize Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation
Is Your Microwave Nuking Your Health?
Are You Being Poisoned by Your Amalgam Fillings?
Are You Poisoning Yourself to Avoid Body Odor?
Food Sensitivities and Your Reactions
Are You Afraid of the Swine Flu?
3 Diseases You Should Fear More Than Swine Flu
Scary Consequences of Swine Flu Vaccination
Will You Be Pressured into Swine Flu Vaccination?
Is the Swine Flu Really a National Emergency?

Good nutrition is one of the most important aspects of healthy living.

The Most Important Principle of Healthy Eating
7 Major Reasons to Go Organic
Can’t Afford Organic Food?
Not Convinced About Organic Food?
Are You Being Misled By the USDA’s Certified Organic Label?
Are You Eating Toxic Meat?
Why Grass Fed Beef is Better for Your Health
Why You Should Avoid Farmed Fish
How to Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet
What You Should Know About Essential Fatty Acids
A Great Source of Natural Probiotics
Why Digestive Enzymes are Critical to Your Health
The Keys to Great Digestive Health
Food Matters: A Testament to the Power of Nutrition
Metabolic Typing: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need
The Garden of Eating: Cooking Tips for a Healthy Diet
How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy by Eating with Pleasure
A Hidden Danger with Nuts, Grains, and Seeds
Is Protein Powder Needed to Build Muscle Mass?
Healthy Ingredients for Shakes and Smoothies
Tips and Recipes for a Gluten and Dairy Free Diet
Is Your Gluten Free Diet Still Harming Your Health?
Vitamin D’s Flawed Recommended Daily Allowance
How to Make Dessert a Nutritious Part of Healthy Living
Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy?
Whey Protein: Helpful or Hype?
Should You Use Supplements?
A Misunderstood Effect of Tryptophan and Turkey

Nutrition and mood are more related than most people realize.

How to Improve Your Mood through Diet
Your Nutritional Individuality and Unhealthy Emotions
Is Your Diet Harming Your Character?

We’ve been deceived about many important nutritional principles.

13 Ridiculous Food Labels that Might Be Fooling You
How to Judge Food Quality and Identify Processed Foods
Proof that Modern Foods Cause Human Degeneration
12 Reasons Why Saturated Fat is Good for You
Trans Fat: What the Food Industry Wants to Hide From You
How Sugar Can Ruin Your Life
The Deception and Danger of Grain Based Foods
Beer vs Soda: Which is Worse?
Hey Fat Head, You’ve Been Fed a Load of Bologna!
Super Size Me: Is Fast Food Really to Blame?
Busting the Cholesterol Myths
Can Cheerios Really Reduce Cholesterol?
KFC Grilled Chicken: Unthink Your Health!
The Stupidity of the Smart Choices Food Label
FullBar: A Weight Loss Strategy That’s Full of Nonsense
The Truth About Salt
Are You Being Fooled by Zero Calorie Sodas?
The Acai Berry: Don’t Believe the Hype
Why You’d Be Crazy to Consume Aspartame
Why Splenda isn’t so Splendid
Stevia: Why the FDA isn’t So Sweet

Our food system is broken and awareness of this is important to your health and the future of the planet.

9 Reasons Why You Must See Food, Inc.
Fresh the Movie: Your Part in Our Broken Food System
The Meatrix: The Revolting Reality of Factory Farming
Don’t Help Wal-Mart Degrade the Quality of Organic Food

Perspective is important if you wish to maximize the potential of good health and life a happy life.

The Meaning of Life From a Holocaust Survivor
Happiness is a Choice
How To Age Gracefully
The Virtue of Selfishness
How to Not Hate Mondays
How to Improve Your Life By Embracing Your Strengths
Is Television Limiting Your Life?

Your perspective on health is very important too.

Stop Blaming Genetics for Your Health Problems
The Elusive Answers to Good Health and Success
The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy People
Are You Sacrificing Your Health for Appearance?
Stop Chasing Symptoms
Is Science Smarter Than Nature?
Are You Setting Yourself Up for Disappointment?
Be an Athlete in the Sport of Life
Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs
Making a Killing with Psychiatric Drugs … Literally
Is Your Doctor a Salesman?
Should We Trust the FDA?
A Story About the Egotistical Nature of Modern Medicine
Aspirin Saved My Life
The Truth About Scientific Research

Your fitness and physical health are an important part of maintaining a balanced mood and avoiding pain and injury.

10 Ways Exercise Can Change Your Life
Is Your Body Ready for Exercise?
Why You Must Respect Your Energy Like a Bank Account
Cardio: A Waste of Time and Energy?
Why the P90X Exercise Program is Overrated
Don’t Let Reebok Fool You – Shoes Won’t Tone Your Butt!
How to Prevent and Eliminate Knee Pain
Simple Relief of Joint and Muscle Pain
Are Your Shoes Causing Foot and Ankle Dysfunction?
Is Your Desk Job Causing Pain and Injury?
Health Advice from Elite Powerlifter Eric Talmant
What’s Fitness Without Health?

Education is essential to making better choices and living a healthier and happier life.

How Reading Can Change Your Life
The Natural Bias Reading List
Free Course: 7 Simple Steps to a Leaner, Happier, and Healthier You!

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