7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

April 10th, 2009

7 Things You Don't Know About MeI’ve been tagged by Beth from SmartFamilyTips.com to share 7 things about myself that you don’t know. Since I’m always preaching about how to live the perfect lifestyle, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you some of the ways in which I’m not so perfect myself and how you can learn from them.

Without further delay, here are 7 things about me that I hope you find interesting and informative.

1. I’m a Perfectionist

I usually don’t quit until I’m completely satisfied with something, and given the sometimes excessively high standards I set for myself, this can often be stressful and counterproductive. For example, I’m fairly talented at drawing but killed my interest for it a long time ago by being too picky about the finished product. Even with this website, I often spend many hours researching, writing and editing to make sure each article is just right.

The obvious advice here is to not obsess over details to the point of it interfering with the purpose of what you’re doing. Knowing how detrimental stress is to health, I do my best to moderate my perfectionist tendencies. While it’s always good to aim for quality, sometimes you have to be willing to settle for something that’s just good enough. Otherwise, you’re likely to eventually wear yourself down and kill your passion. Without health and without passion, there’s not much left!

2. I Hate Cold Weather

Although many people dislike the cold, this is ironic because I was a ski racer for many of my younger years and was quite serious about it. In other words, I lived for the cold! Even though I miss the sport, I now consider snow and cold weather to be nothing but an uncomfortable nuisance.

Your surroundings can have a significant impact on your happiness and your health, and where you choose to live determines if this impact is positive or negative. Take a few moments to imagine yourself sitting under a few palm trees on a bright sunny day, enjoying the warm feeling of the sun on your skin, and looking out at a soothing and beautiful aqua blue ocean. If this is appealing to you, imagine the effect it could have on your life if you were able to enjoy it as often as you’d like!

One of the best things you can do for your happiness and health is to identify your ideal environment, and if you’re not already there, move to a place that resembles it as closely as possible. While I’m still stuck with cold winters for now, I’m looking forward to moving somewhere warm and sunny in the future.

3. I Have Too Much Determination for My Own Good

Most people refer to this as a driven or Type A personality. Basically, I push myself to the limit until I achieve what I’m after. Not only have I done this with projects, but also with sports and fitness. Just one of these is enough to destroy your health and I did it for a long time with both! As was the case for me, this type of drive often leads to adrenal fatigue and initiates a downward spiral of declining health.

While rebuilding my health, I’ve learned to moderate my overall stress load, and that includes both mental and physical activities. In fact, I absolutely love to exercise and play tennis, but had to limit these activities for well over a year to give my body a chance to recover. Whether physical or mental, and even if it’s enjoyable, stimulating activity is a burden to the body. Too much of it will do terrible things to your health, and as such, it’s important to learn how to moderate your stress and make adequate time each day for rest and relaxation.

4. I Was Once 30 Pounds Overweight

I’ve enjoyed weightlifting on and off for over a decade now. When I first started, I immediately conformed to the conventional approach of eating everything in sight to maximize muscle gain. Even with a high amount of protein, I was eating far more carbohydrates than anyone should eat and gained more than 30 pounds over the coarse of several years. Like most people, I let myself believe that the extra weight was mostly muscle. Although I never really appeared to be overweight, comparing a picture from back then to how I look today immediately shows how much of a difference 30 pounds can make.

Although we each have unique nutritional needs, the typical modern diet is far too high in carbohydrates for anyone, particularly in refined forms such as bread and pasta. Unfortunately, most people slave away on exercise machines to compensate for their weight gain instead of properly addressing their poor diet. By doing so, they put unnecessary wear on their body to offset the effects of poor eating habits. A much more healthy and effective approach would be to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates while keeping exercise limited to a reasonable amount.

5. I Hate Cooking and Preparing Meals

I know, this doesn’t sound right coming from someone who promotes whole foods that typically require additional preparation. However, just because I see the tremendous value in these foods doesn’t mean I have to enjoy preparing them! Luckily, I have a very supportive wife that does it for me. Thank you Kim! :) If I had to, as I have in the past, I’d definitely prepare my own meals rather than destroy my health for the convenience of processed food.

If you’re too busy or disinterested to cook and prepare your own meals, don’t let it get in the way of your health. If you have no choice but to do it yourself, consider preparing your meals in advance. By doing so, you can reduce your preparation time to once or twice per week. However, if you cook only once per week, you’ll have to freeze your meals, and based on my experience, this will affect the taste of your food. If money isn’t an issue, another option is to hire a personal chef. If you do, be sure to provide your own food because it’s highly unlikely that a chef will go through the trouble of finding and buying organic food.

6. It Took Me a While to Fully Realize My Passion for Natural Health

Although the combination of learning about natural health and sharing my knowledge through this blog is one of my strongest passions, it took me a long time to realize it. Starting off in a much different direction, I graduated from college with a Mechanical Engineering degree and have spent 11 years as a Software Engineer. While some people are lucky enough to know at a young age exactly what fulfills them, most of us have to take an unconventional route to get there, and even worse, some of us never get there at all.

It’s never too late to turn your passion into a career and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with this blog. If you haven’t already identified a fulfilling purpose for yourself, it would be a good idea to start thinking about it more deeply. People who are driven by purpose and passion tend to wake up each morning full of excitement and enthusiasm. This is one of the most satisfying ways to experience life, but most people miss out on it entirely and wake up each morning dreading the workday that lies ahead. You only have one life to live. Why spend most of it doing something you don’t enjoy?

7. I Love to Learn, Research and Discover Truth

This is one of my most defining characteristics and I value it highly.

Expanding my knowledge and applying it to life is very exciting to me. Without this type of engagement, I become bored and develop a feeling of emptiness. The passion I have for learning is the driving force behind the knowledge and experience that I share through this blog and it has also been a major factor in my ability to rebuild my health.

With the amount of misinformation that exists today, the willingness to learn is essentially important to your health. If you don’t make an effort to learn what good health is truly about, and instead choose to continue living according to mainstream standards, then you’re likely to become a statistic to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or one of the many other mainstream diseases that have become so prevalent. In addition to your health, knowledge is a significant part of your ability to identify and achieve the goals that will create fulfillment in your life. Even if you don’t enjoy it, learning is often a necessary part of achieving happiness.

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